Tutoring service

First semester A. Y. 2023-24

A tutoring service will be available also in academic year 2023/24 to students enrolled on the Master's degree programme in Law and the Bachelor's degree programme in Sciences of Legal Services. It integrates other support activities (seminars, classroom exercises, office hours) usually provided by instructors to students, with a view to constantly improving the quality of service.

Tutoring is generally open to all undergraduate students, but mainly targets those who are experiencing difficulties in preparing and passing exams, and are thus likely to lag behind, as well as those who cannot attend courses regularly for work reasons.

It is a regular opportunity to meet with an instructor, individually or in small groups, in order to clarify class topics and develop a suitable study method. For non-attending students, it is a tool to keep up with class activities.
The tutoring service is available during teaching terms as well as during exam sessions.

For each group of related subjects one or more tutors have been identified who will be available to the students for two hours a week each.

Write to tutor.giurisprudenza@unimi.it to contact a tutor for your subject: you may ask them simple questions or raise more complex issues to be addressed later in in-person meetings.