Study abroad

Double degrees

Students with in-depth knowledge of foreign languages who wish to complete part of their university studies abroad may complete periods of study in various foreign universities, thereby obtaining an academic qualification from both their home university and the foreign one (Double Degree).

In particular, the Law degree course has established an agreement with Université de Toulouse (France) and Université de Cergy-Pontoise (France), which allows the acquisition of both Italian and French degrees.


International promotion and mobility  Office

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Erasmus/outside Europe
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Erasmus+ for Law students

Contacts, information meetings, selection interviews, and rankings for Law students interested in the Erasmus+ programme.

International opportunities for Law students
Go abroad with Erasmus+

See  competition announcement, deadlines and all the information for Erasmus+ application on the University website: Erasmus contribution, prior to departure, during the stay, returning to Italy