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The programme offers a wide variety of study-abroad opportunities, with a full range of coursework options. Beginning to the second year, students may study abroad at one or more European universities as part of the Erasmus+ Programme. Our University partners include: Austria (Innsbruck), Germany (Frankfurt, Costanza, Tübingen, Osnabrück, Heidelberg), Belgium (Brussels, Leuven), France (Cergy Pointoise, Montpellier, Paris, Rheims, Strasbourg, Toulouse), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Thessaly), Great Britain (Edge Hill), Norway (Bergen), Netherlands (Nijmegen, Wageningen), Portugal (Coimbra, Lisbon, Oporto), Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Krakow, Breslavia, Poznań), Croatia (Zagreb), Romania (Timișoara), Hungary (Budapest), Sweden (Lund), Spain (Barcelona, Castellón, Girona, Granada, Huelva, La Coruña, Lleida, Madrid, Oviedo, Pamplona, Seville, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela), Turkey (Istanbul). Students admitted into the programme pursue academic training through foreign Universities. There, they have the option to research and write their thesis, whilst benefiting from a scholarship, and earning academic credit for any exams passed or academic work completed, as well as bonus points on their final degree mark. An analogous programme is available in Switzerland through the Swiss European Mobility (Geneva, Lucerne, Freiburg).
Students also have the option of studying abroad, earning academic credit for exams and academic activities, as well as bonus points on their final degree mark, at the following non-EU Universities: U.S. (Ithaca, New York), China (Xiamen, Shanghai, Sozhou and Beijing), Japan (Kobe), Brazil (Niterói), South Korea (Seoul) and Canada (Montreal).
A double-degree programme is currently in place with the Universities of Toulouse and Cergy Pontoise (France). This programme allows top students, fluent in French, to earn both an Italian and a French Degree.
Through the Erasmus + Placement programme students have internship opportunities in Europe, beginning in Year III. Internships are currently available through businesses, law firms, or other institutions in England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, and Portugal. Students will enjoy, in addition to a scholarship, transfer credit for all successfully completed work, as well as bonus points on their final degree mark.
Additionally, each year the Faculty gives students a chance to be a part of a national and international Moot Court competition team. Finally, students will have the opportunity to take part in international Summer Schools.

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See  competition announcement, deadlines and all the information for Erasmus+ application on the University website: Erasmus contribution, prior to departure, during the stay, returning to Italy